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Riverlea Street Commissioner

William (Bill) P. Charles
5825 Dover Court
Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 848-6262

The Riverlea street commissioner shall keep himself informed of the condition of all public streets, sewers, street lamps, parks and grounds, pavements and sidewalks, and shall have the supervision of and the acceptance or rejection of all work done for the improvement, construction, or the repair thereof, whether such work be done by contract, by or at the expense of the owners of the adjacent property. He shall see that the provisions of all laws, ordinances, and regulations relating to the public streets and property herein designated are strictly enforced, and no claim for work done on any such property shall be allowed or paid out of the city treasury without the certificate of the street commissioner, that such work has been done to his satisfaction and according to the ordinances, or orders of the council: Provided that any person feeling himself aggrieved in such matters by the street commissioner may appeal to the village council. The street commissioner shall keep a proper record of all matters relating to the business of his office, and shall report to the council, from time to time, such recommendations and suggestions as to matters connected with his department, with plans and estimates of the cost of such improvements and repairs as he may deem expedient, and he shall perform such other duties as may be required of him by ordinance.

Utility Information

City of Columbus Division of Public Utilities
910 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-645-6141
Online Water/Sewer Payment
Columbia Gas of Ohio (A NiSource Company)
DirectLink: 800-344-4077 between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday
Columbia Gas online
American Electric Power (AEP)
Customer Solutions Center: 800-277-2177
AEP online
Please contact these service providers directly for new service or problems with your utility service.

Storm Water Management

In order to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Riverlea is required to have a Storm Water Management Plan. Riverlea’s Storm Water Management Plan is available to read online [pdf]. Part of the action plan is to keep residents informed of how you can help keep our waters clean.

Riverlea’s storm water drains discharge storm water directly into the Olentangy River. We must be careful not to pollute the storm water with any type of household or construction waste material.

Things you can do:

  • Dispose of all waste appropriately.
  • Do not pour any waste into the storm drains. This includes oils, grease, animal waste, litter, pesticides, etc.
  • Recycle approved materials via the weekly trash pickup.
  • Keep leaves and grass clippings out of the street and curbs.
  • Dispose of Hazardous Materials at the Worthington Service Department.
  • Educate and remind your children about these guidelines.
  • Report any violations to the Village at (614) 547-3037.

Learn more about Water Quality on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Division of Surface Water website is also a good source of information.

With your help, we can help keep Ohio’s rivers clean.

Recent Reports

Year 2015

Year 2012

Year 2010

Year 2009

  • 302 West Riverglen Water Leak & Sanitary Sewer Repair
    Report and pictures of repair of broken sewer line. See report.
  • Street Evaluation and Improvement Program
    Final Street Evaluation and Improvement Program Report, prepared by Burgess & Niple for the Village of Riverlea. August 2009 Final Report [pdf]
  • Ohio EPA’s Findings and Orders (final F&O) for the Village of Riverlea This report, filed by the Ohio EPA,went into effect on Feb. 11, 2009. Because of it, the following two(2) reports were generated. EPA Report [pdf]
  • Sewer Overflow Emergency Response Plan
    The Sanitary Sewer Overflow Emergency Response Plan (SORP) is designed to ensure that every report of a confirmed sewage overflow is immediately dispatched to the appropriate crews so the effects of the overflow can be minimized with respect to impacts to public health and adverse effects on beneficial uses and water quality of surface waters and customer service. Read the final report [pdf].
  • Sewer System Evaluation Study
    The Sewer System Evaluation Study (SSES) is now available. Read the explanatory memo and the SSES Study.