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Riverlea Infrastructure Committee

Village of Riverlea Infrastructure Committee members, news, meeting schedule and more can be found in the tabs below.

Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee is responsible for monitoring the condition of the Village infrastructure, and for developing strategies to fund and perform any necessary repairs. The committee is composed of two Council members (one of whom serves as Chair), at least two residents, and the Street Commissioner.


Marc Benevento, Council Member (Chair)

Bill Charles, Street Commissioner

Chad Lowe, Council Member

John Oberle, resident

Greg Ross, resident

Dan Schlichting, resident

News & Updates

To be sure you have the latest construction information, check construction updates regularly, and register for Riverlea Village communications if you have not already done so.

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the project appear below:

  1. How long will the project last?

Riverlea’s infrastructure project is scheduled to be completed in December 2018.  Crews are currently working to connect the new water system and make repairs and additions to our storm sewers.  Once that work has been completed, curbs and gutters will be replaced, which will be followed by replacement of the roads.  Updated project information can be found on the “Construction Updates” page of the Village website.

  1. When should I replant my lawn?

The contractor will replace topsoil, regrade disturbed areas, and re-seed lawns at the conclusion of the project.  The current schedule shows this occurring in October.

In the meantime, hydroseed will be placed on excavated areas as an erosion control measure.  The roots of this temporary grass will help hold soil in place.  This grass will be replaced when the final grading and dressing is conducted.

  1. Can I remove the colored stakes in my yard?

Please do not remove the stakes that have been placed in the yard.  These mark the position of utilities, sanitary sewers, and work limits, and need to stay in place for the duration of the project.  If the stakes are removed, they have to be re-marked, which adds to our overall project cost.

When you or a service provider mow your lawn, please work around the stakes or replace the stakes them when you are finished.

  1. There is gravel in my lawn.  How can I cut my grass?

Since there is additional work to be performed in the right of way, the contractor will not remove rocks and gravel until final grading and dressing at the end of the project.  In the meantime, please exercise caution if you feel the need to mow in or near these areas.  Property owners may want to rake gravel and rocks toward the curb to make mowing easier.  It may be more appropriate to use  a grass / weed trimmer in rocky or uneven areas until final grading and seeding occurs.

  1. Can I use my irrigation system if the lines have been capped?

Yes, the purpose of the caps is to allow the irrigation system to be turned on during the project.  However, the number of heads that will function will depend upon the layout of the water supply to your irrigation system.  It is advisable to check your system for leaks and function when it is activated this spring.

  1. Why do the new water valves sit so high above grade?

The water valves will be adjusted to match the level of the yard when final grading is performed at the end of the project.

7. What if my property has been damaged as a result of the construction?

The condition of all properties in the village was documented on video prior to the start of the project.  Damage that has occurred as a result of the project is the responsibility of and will be repaired by the contractor.  You can report damage directly to the contractor or provide details to any member of Riverlea Council.  Riverlea is creating an aggregate list of concerns that will be forwarded to the contractor toward the end of the project.  This information includes address, contact information, a description of the damage, and photographs of present condition.

     8. What if I have a question that isn’t on this list?

If you have other questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact Mayor Eric MacGilvray, Council Member and Infrastructure Committee Chair Marc Benevento, or Street Commissioner Bill Charles.

Meeting Schedule

The committee meets at 7:00 pm on the first Monday of each month except as noted in the Resident Calendar. Meetings are held at the Community of Christ Church, 110 Park Street, Worthington.

There will be no meeting on October 1.

2018 Meeting Schedule

11 – 05 – 2018
12 – 03 – 2018

Archived Infrastructure Committee Minutes

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