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Construction Updates

The Village replaced its water lines, streets, curbs, and driveway aprons, and performed substantial upgrades to its storm sewer system in 2018. Some finish work remains to be completed in the spring of 2019, on which see below. Sign up here to receive updates via email and/or text.

Next spring (mid-April – mid-May)

  1. The final overlay of asphalt will be completed.
  2. Asphalt drives and remaining walkways will be restored.
  3. Sewer and water service castings will be adjusted to grade and manholes will be replaced.
  4. Spot repairs will be made to curbs and gutters.
  5. Final grading of lawns, including the addition of fresh topsoil and re-seeding, will be performed.

General notes on construction

  1. Please do not disturb stakes or flags that have been placed within the right of way. These markers indicate the location of underground utilities. If markers are removed then the utilities must be re-marked and may be inadvertently damaged, which will delay construction and add to the cost of the project.
  2. Please do not disturb materials within the right of way, such as manholes, castings, and pipes, and please avoid any piping or tubing that extends up from the ground. Again, damage to these items will delay construction and add to the cost of the project.

Additional information

Construction FAQ

What to Expect During Construction [pdf]

Identified landscape elements [pdf] that will be affected by the construction.

Please note that these documents are in a .pdf file format designated by [pdf] following the link. Pdf files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open them. If you do not have Reader, you may use the following link to Adobe to download it for free: Adobe Acrobat Reader.