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Construction Updates

The Village is replacing its water lines, streets, curbs, and driveway aprons, and performing substantial upgrades to its storm sewer system over the course of 2018. In addition, Columbia Gas is replacing the gas distribution system in the Village, which will include installing new service lines to each property and relocating all gas meters to the exterior of the home. The project is scheduled for completion in December 2018. This page is updated weekly with the latest details about the work schedule and other pertinent information. Sign up here to receive updates via email and/or text.

Next 14 days (July 7 – July 21)

  1. A contractor will be completing the storm sewer lining at the south end of Olentangy Boulevard either this week or next. This work will be done via manholes and should cause minimal disruption for residents.
  2. Construction is otherwise on hold in the Village until the Columbus Division of Water has reviewed and approved the new water system. The review process is expected to take several weeks

Next month (July 7 – August 7)

  1. Chlorination, final testing and activation of the new water system will take place after the Columbus Division of Water has completed its review process.
  2. Curb removal and replacement, including installation of new curb underdrains, will begin after the new water system has been activated, probably in mid- or late-July.

General notes on construction

  1. Exposed soil within 10 feet of the curb line has been hydroseeded. We are aware that less grass is growing than expected and are monitoring this. Final grading and seeding will be performed in the fall once construction has been completed.
  2. The contractor has been reminded about the need to mark and cone off materials that are stored within the right of way, to fence off and secure large open cuts if they are not backfilled at the end of the work day, and to use cones with flashing lights for open cuts that are left overnight. Please feel free to contact Street Commissioner Bill Charles or Mayor Eric MacGilvray if you see that this has not been done.
  3. Please use caution when doing yard work in areas that are rocky or uneven. In some areas gravel may need to be raked out of the yard before mowing. Because the curb, gutter, and roadway work will again disturb these areas, the contractor will not perform final grading and re-seeding until late summer or early fall.
  4. Please do not disturb stakes or flags that have been placed within the right of way. These markers indicate the location of underground utilities. If markers are removed then the utilities must be re-marked and may be inadvertently damaged, which will delay construction and add to the cost of the project.
  5. Please do not disturb materials within the right of way, such as manholes, castings, and pipes, and please avoid any piping or tubing that extends up from the ground. Again, damage to these items will delay construction and add to the cost of the project.
  6. Please ask your landscape services to observe the precautions indicated above.
  7. The contractor has been instructed to keep roof drains open and clear of debris. If you see that construction material has clogged a roof drain please notify the site representative to have the situation remedied.
  8. It would be helpful to the contractor if residents within the work area could mark the location of yard drains, sewer laterals, dog fences, and/or sprinkler systems within the right of way if they know this information.
  9. Sprinkler systems that are excavated and staked will be capped. Homeowners with invisible dog fences should mark the location of the fence and test it once construction is complete if trenches have been dug on their property.
  10. Tree fences will be installed around trees where root systems may be affected by work. In these areas excavation will be done by hand instead of by machines to help protect the trees. Any necessary pruning will be done by a professional arborist.

Additional information

Construction FAQ

What to Expect During Construction [pdf]

Identified landscape elements [pdf] that will be affected by the construction.

Columbia Gas information sheet [pdf] for the gas system replacement.

Please note that these documents are in a .pdf file format designated by [pdf] following the link. Pdf files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open them. If you do not have Reader, you may use the following link to Adobe to download it for free: Adobe Acrobat Reader.